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  • c0ff33 vlog 141016

    c0ff33 vlog 141016

    This week I forget everything I was going to talk about as usual, MacOS auto updates, iOS Betas, iPhone 7+ is rarer then Note 7’s in use and car interior light mods.

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  • c0ff33 vlog 071016

    c0ff33 vlog 071016

    This week, if you iOS 10 battery life woes I might have the solution. I have my best ever round on Star Wars Battlefront. And Lego Worlds forces me to Bootcamp my MacBook Pro

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  • c0ff33 vlog 300916

    c0ff33 vlog 300916

    This week I get productive and catch up on loads of Jobs, congratulations to @richardnellis1 on getting two trophies last week, Star Wars Battlefront double score weekend – awesome! I had some driving woes this week and a surprise cameo by mini cooper.

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  • c0ff33 vlog 230916

    c0ff33 vlog 230916

    This week computer woes as Windows XP gets the cold shoulder, my history of hackintosh with netbooks and of course the Death Star DLC for Star Wars Battlefront – by eck it’s gorgeous.

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  • c0ff33 vlog 160916

    c0ff33 vlog 160916

    Nothing too interesting this week, the car is fully working again for now, bit of iPhone 7 news, working my way through the last few hutt contracts on Star Wars Battlefront.

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  • c0ff33 vlog 090916

    c0ff33 vlog 090916

    This week iForgot about the Apple event, steady week at work and I’m not good being a Hero in Star Wars Battlefront.

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  • c0ff33 short Blackpool Illuminations 2016

    c0ff33 short Blackpool Illuminations 2016

    Blackpool is famous for many things, but probably the most talked about is the lights they have along the Promenade which are switched on towards the end of the Summer season. Switch on was 2nd September 2016, I took this cruise up the Promenade from the car park opposite the Pleasure Beach on Sunday 4th September. I kept it full length just to make it easier to see the lights – feel free to skip along as you feel fit

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  • c0ff33 vlog 010916

    c0ff33 vlog 010916

    This week a short but tricky week, rokt climbing and a bit of Star Wars battlefront.

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  • c0ff33 vlog 260816

    c0ff33 vlog 260816

    This week, slow end to the working week when I find my back right tyre is flat (again) – which is a timely reminder a 12v tyre pump or two is essential carrying kit in your car – especially if it doesn’t have a spare (nice work Renault). On the look out again for Richard in his Mini – talking, driving, trying not crash and looking out for Mini’s is a few tasks too many for me though. Steady week […]

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  • c0ff33 short Bradford to Tamworth

    c0ff33 short Bradford to Tamworth

    Continuing the speeded up driving footage theme (because I seem to be doing alot of driving at the moment) a two hour drive to Tamworth in 6 minutes. I left the last 30 seconds in for comedy effect, literally as soon as I turned off the engine it started pouring with rain so we sat in the car a good few minutes while it eased! Royalty free music from http://www.purple-planet.com/upbeat/4583971257

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  • c0ff33 short speeded up motorway

    c0ff33 short speeded up motorway

    Very speeded up (20x) footage of some of my trip up to the very North of Scotland. Nothing of interest to see really. Royalty free music courtesy of http://www.purple-planet.com/dance/4583971242 and http://www.bensound.com

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  • c0ff33 vlog 190816

    c0ff33 vlog 190816

    This week, a calmer week at work and a manage to finally complete some long term ducting work. Car still moaning about errors but it works so whatever. Small amount of progress on Star Wars Battlefront and even more iOS and Mac OS Sierra Betas. Also shout out to Richard who I was going to try and pass in his mini – but ended up leaving too late. Plenty of other Friday evening to catch me though…

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