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  • External vs Internal Memory

    External vs Internal Memory

    As features on phones are improving, were relying more and more on them. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s Samsung’s top of the line flagship model and boasts a ton of features and massively improved hardware. In this article i’ll be talking about how technology advancements on phones are replacing other devices. I’m going to be starting this review by talking about how the camera on your Galaxy S4 is now able to be good enough to replace […]

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  • Vanguard BIIN 37 – review

    Vanguard BIIN 37 – review

    If you’ve been looking for a compact bag with enough space for your DSLR, some accessories and your water bottle, then the Vanguard BIIN 37 MIT fir the bill. It’s a sling style camera bag with easy access to your DSLR from the side via a conveniently placed zip and Velcro pocket. The bag is divided up into two main compartments. The top one is a smaller one to keep some smaller accessories such as batteries, cables, keys etc. you […]

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  • GMYLE – iPhone 5 wireless charging kit

    GMYLE – iPhone 5 wireless charging kit

    iPhone 5 wireless charging case – http://www.clevergadgets.co.uk/products/iphone-5-black-qi-wireless-cordless-charger-receiver-slim-case-cover   ABOUT ME: twitter – http://www.twitter.com/mrigortv Instagram – MrIgorTV email – mrigortv@gmail.com

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 S Charger – wireless back cover

    Samsung Galaxy S4 S Charger – wireless back cover

    On the quest to make phones thinner and thinner, samsung had to make a sacrifice. They didn’t offer wireless charging as standard with there latest flag ship, the Galaxy S4. Luckily they left the function on the phone and made it available with a slightly thicker back cover. I actually prefer the wireless charging back cover to the standard flimsy one you get on the phone. For starters if feels a lot more solid and also it actually improved the […]

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  • Samsung Galaxy Mega – gaming performance

    Samsung Galaxy Mega – gaming performance

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  • Overboard Waterproof DSLR case

    Overboard Waterproof DSLR case

    If your ever worried about taking your gadgets out on a walk, hike, cycle ride or any other outdoor activity then the overboard waterproof case may be ideal for you. I was originally looking for a canon DSLR camera case, but stumbled across the overboard bag. Overboard promote this bag as a DSLR bag but I wouldn’t recommend it to be used for a larger camera as there is no padding at all. In fact there is nothing about this […]

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  • Olloclip for iphone 5 – review and test

    Olloclip for iphone 5 – review and test

    If you’ve ever heard of the phrase ‘the best camera is the one thats on you’, then you’ve most likely heard of the word iphoneography. And as we use our camera phones more and more, we struggle to get images which stand out from the crowd. This is were the olloclip comes in. it makes your iPhone camera more than just a camera! It gives you the ability to push your creativity to whole new level without spending hundreds on […]

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  • HTC One – Travel Companion

    HTC One – Travel Companion

    Today I’m going to be talking about how a phone is more than just a phone when it comes to traveling. And in particular I’m going to talk about the HTC One and two must have accessories that go with it to make it a full fledged travel companion. First of all let’s talk about the type of cases you can get for e HTC One. They range from hard back right through to cases that double up as a […]

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  • Crumpler Quick Escape 400 – review

    Crumpler Quick Escape 400 – review

    With a massive range of camera bags out there, specifically DSLR bags, it can be quite tricky to find a good quality bag that is very low profile and can still carry your camera as well as a few accessories such as memory cards and batteries. I came across the Crumpler Quick Escape 400 from lovecases.co.uk Even though this case is for a smaller DSLR such as the Canon 1000D, it fits my Canon 60D with my Tamron 17-50 f2.8 […]

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  • Apple lightning to SD card adapter

    Apple lightning to SD card adapter

    In my opinion, the best thing about the iPad is the ability to transfer, edit and share photographs straight from the device without the use of any heavy and bulky laptop or desktop. Obviously the iPad doesn’t have an sd card slot due to how thin it is, so apple have released a must have accessory for it called the ‘Lightning to SD Card Reader’. In typical apple fashion the box is very low profile and white. The reader itself […]

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  • Gearzap

    With such a massive range of mobile devices out there, it can be difficult to find one place where you can buy everything you need straight away. gearzap.com can remedy this issue with a large selection of accessories to choose from, including new and upcoming devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They have a massive range of general accessories ready for the Note 8 now. Even if your after some genuine products, they have you covered. They range […]

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case

    With the announcement of the samsung galaxy s4, came a range of new accessories for it. The one that’s most likely going to be the most popular for it is the genuine samsung Flip Cover. One of the first companies to get this in is mobilefun.co.uk Firstly the case is presented in the typical samsung packaging, which is low profile white box with a clear window presenting the case. Once the case is popped out of the packaging, the first […]

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