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  • Interview with Sebastian Schneider from TechCentury

    Interview with Sebastian Schneider from TechCentury

    Matt from VigourVision interviews me in this video. You will get a lot of insight on TechCentury and my personal every day life.

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  • [TEChBrits] @NewsFlash – New iPlayer

    [TEChBrits] @NewsFlash – New iPlayer

    Ryan (@Sir_Daws) investigates the new iPlayer by BBC launch specifically designed for TV’s which has made its début on PS3 but is coming to “Over 300 internet connected TV’s” and Devices such as Boxee and Virgin Media’s ‘TiVo’

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  • [TEChBrits] Community Thanks / Update

    [TEChBrits] Community Thanks / Update

    [TEChBrits] just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the community for their support and viewer-ship, we’d like to extend that thanks to the companies who’ve also sent us invites, promo codes, exclusives for us to test and review. Plus we want to update you on our latest partnerships and our mission-plan for the channel going forward 🙂 Thanks Again, Ryan Daws (@Sir_Daws) George Lim (@JorjLim) [TEChBrits]

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  • Kinect Sparkler

    [TEChBrits] @Games – Kinect Sparkler

    Ryan (@Sir_Daws) takes a look at the just released ‘Kinect Sparkler’ for Xbox 360, this fun app is 240MSP on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The app allows you to use the Kinect peripherial for Xbox in order to take 3D images of yourself and friends which you can then ‘Draw’ round the photo in 3D providing very unique gameplay.

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  • iPhone 5 Experiment

    [TEChBrits] @Interview – Rob Shoesmith

    Ryan (@Sir_Daws) and George (@JorjLim) Interview ‘Rob Shoesmith’ (@Shoesmith81) who’s recently hit the international headlines for his plans to camp out for the iPhone 5, being sponsored to do so by companies both small and large (including a free Chevrolet with insurance and fuel!) then donating the goods to Charity. Rob first made the newspaper in 2009 for going from Trash Collector, to iPhone Developer, then raising to Marketer for MEDL Mobile. As he says himself “It’s been a crazy […]

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  • File Sharing Services

    [TEChBrits] @Guides – File Sharing Services

    Ryan (@Sir_Daws) takes you on a tour through the best online File-Sharing tools available, both established services, and new start-ups which deserve some recognition in this highly-competitive field. Give some opinion and knowledge on what would be best for both casual users, and for business use.

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  • TEChBrits Episode #3 – Format Wars, Digital vs Physical

    We bring back the Format Wars of old and new, will the world go completely ‘Digital’? Are ‘Physical’ formats doomed? With the demise of HD-DVD, yet still no decisive winner as many still prefer to use DVD over Blu-Ray. [TEChBrits] begins debate of the latest ‘Format War’, Maybe they will simply carry on co-existing? [TEChBrits] Investigates.

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