Top 10 Commando Raids

These are the top commando raids of all time. These commando raids were undertaken by the best commandos and best special forces in the world!

10. Russian Theater Siege
9. Operation Neptune Spear
8. The Great Locomotive Chase
7. The Fort Eben-Emael Raid
6. The Capture of Edinburgh Castle, 1314
5. The Gran Sasso Raid
4. Operation Frankton
3. The Raid at Cabanatuan
2. Operation Emtenbbe
1. The St. Nazaire Raid

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“Blown Away”
by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Photo Credits:
DVIDSHUB, Sgt Brian Kester photographer
(Photo by Maitre Christian Valverde, French Navy, ISAF Public Affairs Office)

Edinburgh Castle Photo courtesy of Kim Traynor

Entebbe Airport photo credit Andy Dunaway

St. Nazaire Harbor Layout Photo licensed under GNU free documentation license.

All other images courtesy of the German Federal Archives.

All photos licensed under creative commons use with attribution 2.0



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