Apple lightning to SD card adapter

In my opinion, the best thing about the iPad is the ability to transfer, edit and share photographs straight from the device without the use of any heavy and bulky laptop or desktop.

Obviously the iPad doesn’t have an sd card slot due to how thin it is, so apple have released a must have accessory for it called the ‘Lightning to SD Card Reader’.

In typical apple fashion the box is very low profile and white.

The reader itself is small enough to fit in pretty much all bag compartments.

One thing i love about the device is that the is a small length of cable between the lightning connector and the sd card reader, which means that it will work even with tight fitting cases, which with the old adapter sometimes wouldn’t fit well or the case would get in the way.

This adapter will only work with the ipad 4 or iPad mini and even though there are lots of iPhone 5 accessories, this unfortunately isn’t one of them.

You can currently pick it up for £29.99 from



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