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Main Features
The device that enables mobile calls on your home phone — in perfect sound quality


liGo Bluewave merges the convenience of the mobile phone with the advantages of your home telephone system. It turns your home phone into an extension of your mobile phone — for comfortable calls in best sound quality and without mobile dead zones.


Simply register up to three Bluetooth mobile phones to your liGo Bluewave , and make and receive calls on your home phone using mobile, traditional, or VoIP services. With one time, one-touch activation — and fast set-up — it’s the quick and simple way to maximize telephony in your home or home office.

The best of mobile combined with the comfort your cordless phone or corded phone and the advantages of traditional and internet telephony: the liGo Bluewave easily lets you get the most out of your calls.

Make and receive mobile calls from any home phone

Now you can make and receive mobile phone calls on any corded or cordless phone around your home. Bluetooth technology makes registering up to 3 mobiles as breeze. You can select a distinct ring tone for each registered mobile phone so you know by the ring which phone is being called.

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the liGo Bluewave communicates wirelessly with your mobile phones. There are NO extra cables to buy. Whenever your mobile phones are placed within range, the liGo Bluewave will automatically connect to them.

Save Money with liGo Bluewave

liGo Bluewave was created for your convenience and to allow you to save money! If you have a mobile phone that you use almost all the time and a landline, it might be possible for you to cancel your landline and exclusively use your mobile phone. This will save you money every month.

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