Overboard Waterproof DSLR case

If your ever worried about taking your gadgets out on a walk, hike, cycle ride or any other outdoor activity then the overboard waterproof case may be ideal for you.

I was originally looking for a canon DSLR camera case, but stumbled across the overboard bag.

Overboard promote this bag as a DSLR bag but I wouldn’t recommend it to be used for a larger camera as there is no padding at all. In fact there is nothing about this bag that indicates its for a DSLR.

Since I’ve had this bag, I’ve been able to carry all my valuables without a worry of liquid damage.

This bag is actually designed to be used as a messenger / sling bag, but as its quit small I’ve been using it inside another bag. So if my main bag gets wet then I know that my electronics are inside the overboard bag and I don’t need to worry.

The construction of the bag itself is actually really good. It’s well put together and feels durable. In terms of how waterproof it is, when its sealed closed you can actually submerge the bag underwater with no danger of leaks. The bag is completely airtight and well sealed.

To sum up, this a great beach bag and ideal to keep sand and water away from your camera and phone and at under £23 from lovecases.co.uk it’s a bit of a bargain!



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