Samsung Galaxy S4 S Charger – wireless back cover

On the quest to make phones thinner and thinner, samsung had to make a sacrifice. They didn’t offer wireless charging as standard with there latest flag ship, the Galaxy S4.

Luckily they left the function on the phone and made it available with a slightly thicker back cover.

I actually prefer the wireless charging back cover to the standard flimsy one you get on the phone. For starters if feels a lot more solid and also it actually improved the grip. It gave the phone slightly curved sides which I found a lot more comfortable to hold.

Another benefit of having this back cover on, is that because it is slightly thicker, the camera actually sits slightly recessed which means the lens is less likely to get scratched or damaged.

Overall i found this to be a must have addition to your GS4 if you have a wireless charging mat.

This case itself is quite pricey especially when you compare it to non genuine versions which in some cases are half the price, but if you want a perfect fit then this is it, as its the genuine samsung made version, hence why you pay the premium. It’s currently available from for £39.95



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