Vanguard BIIN 37 – review

If you’ve been looking for a compact bag with enough space for your DSLR, some accessories and your water bottle, then the Vanguard BIIN 37 MIT fir the bill.

It’s a sling style camera bag with easy access to your DSLR from the side via a conveniently placed zip and Velcro pocket.

The bag is divided up into two main compartments. The top one is a smaller one to keep some smaller accessories such as batteries, cables, keys etc. you access it via a zip, and then you have the main compartment which houses your camera along with another small lens such as a 50mm prime. The main compartment is accessible via the side pocket as I said earlier but also there is a zip on the front, which when unfastened opens a large flap revealing the contents of the whole compartment. This flap also doubles up as a thin zip pocket to keep your lens cap in.

There is a floor section which divides the two sections of the bag. This section can be folded down and out the way to make the bag all 1 large section if you need it.

On the side of the bag there is a pocket to keep your water bottle in and just above the pocket there is a small loop designed to be used as a hanging system.

The bag is made from good quality material and feels robust, in fact vanguard offer you a 2 year warranty. Vanguard claim it to be weather proof but don’t get this confused with waterproof as zips do let water through, but your equipment should be safe in a small light shower.

If you are serious about buying this bag I would suggest paying attention to the dimensions as this bag turned out to be smaller than I expected.

You can currently pick this bag up from from £29.99 down from £44.99 (at the point of writing this review)



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