External vs Internal Memory

As features on phones are improving, were relying more and more on them. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s Samsung’s top of the line flagship model and boasts a ton of features and massively improved hardware. In this article i’ll be talking about how technology advancements on phones are replacing other devices.

I’m going to be starting this review by talking about how the camera on your Galaxy S4 is now able to be good enough to replace your point and shoot. The Galaxy S4 now packs a 13mp camera which is capable of shooting great photos along with stunning full HD 1080p video. It has plenty of great shooting options which would more than satisfy the average point and shooter. I would be more than confident to use the Galaxy S4 as my main camera on holiday, not only for photos but for video.

I was recently in a situation with my iPhone which may not of occurred if i had the Galaxy S4. Recently i was on holiday on the island of Madeira on a beautiful hike. The views were stunning and i wanted to capture the moments on video. As most of you are aware, when your recording video in full 1080p HD, your memory gets used up pretty quick. I soon found myself deleting apps and other media off my iPhone as i wanted to record the moments of the hike.

When you have an iPhone or any other phone which doesn’t give you the ability to expand the memory there isn’t much you can do preparation wise. If i had the Galaxy S4 at the time, then there wouldn’t be a need to limit my recordings and delete other data to make more space. Preparation wise all i’d have to do is carry a couple of very small memory cards. Micro SD cards are small enough to easily fit in your wallet without talking hardly any space at all.

The camera isn’t the only thing that Galaxy S4 is good for. No need for any more separate mp3 players. The music player on the GS4 is more than capable of replacing your iPod, and again lets not forget the Galaxy S4 has expandable memory unlike your iPod. You have the ability to drag and drop music files to memory cards.

You might now be thinking, “well i can just buy the larger memory iPhone”. Your right, you can just buy the larger memory iPhone. To go from the 16Gb to the 32GB iPhone, you’re looking at a price increase of £70. And if you decide to go for the 64GB iPhone be prepared to shell out an extra £170.

So let look at the facts, if you want the largest memory iPhone, which is 64GB you’re looking at a price increase of £170 and after that you cant expand any further. What will £170 get you in terms of expandable memory on your Galaxy S4? If we look at mobilefun.co.uk you can see for £170 we could get three Class 10 genuine samsung 64GB micro sd cards and another 32GB samsung. Thats a HUGE 224GB of memory for the same price as apples 64GB. Don’t make the same mistake as me and run out of memory. think carefully before you purchase a smartphone with no ability for expansion



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