” Gear 4 ” – iPhone 5 “Tread GT” Case

Great looking TPU Case for the brand new iPhone 5 from Apple.

Gear 4 UK Website : http://www.gear4.com/product/_/565/tread-gt-iphone-5/

This TPU Style case fit’s the iPhone 5 like a glove, In the time that i have spent using this case i did not worry about dropping the phone at all. Being that this case is made from this material, You can be confident that you are protected from everyday knocks/bumps. As for dropping it in the floor, well this could be a cause for concern, as cases like this do not offer 100% Protection from the likes of concrete.

But what you do get is attention to detail, From the pictures below, you can clearly see that the case has been made perfectly.

Plenty of room for the cutout around the rear camera lens as well as the LED Flash.

As for the Volume Buttons, You can and will feel the quality provided in the material (being that its made from TPU/Rubber), When the buttons are pressed, You get that positive feeling of knowing that not only visually that you have made a press of the buttons. The cutout is more than adequate to get your finger or thumb in there to switch on or off that silent switch.

Access to all the ports (Now residing on the bottom of the phone). I’m a big fan of the individual cutouts, as this design helps with the stability at the bottom of the case, minimising the sagging material effect that can arise from previous tests throughout my reviewing channel.

Extensive reviewing of cases over the 4.5 years, this attention to design details is outstanding, as most companies just don’t bother to pay attention to the material characteristics.

My overall thought’s on this case for the iPhone 5 are that it’s has a very snug fit when putting this case on the phone. That being said, I never felt as though the phone would slip out on its own accord at any time.

The design aspect is one that can be found from the likes of eBay Sellers & Amazon Sellers. But in sourcing this design you would compromise on the materials being used as well as any support/guarantee that the said case would protect your precious iPhone 5 (Being that the cheapest model here in the UK SIM Free is £529.99) in the same way as this Gear 4 Tread GTCase would.

Price is great as well as being that Gear 4 has many offering in the phone marketplace these days. So finding this case on the internet will most probably get you a better deal that if you were to buy this directly in store like i did.

Priced at a reasonable sum of just £14.99 to £19.99 here in the UK, You would be hard pushed to find a better case for the money.

Pro’s : Durable,Cheap,Branded,Protection,Easier than some to install/remove,Pattern design.

Con’s : Just the case,No Screen Protector, Limited on Colour Choices.

So please come back soon, Thank’s for being interested in my content,Enjoy the video,Thank’s for watching,Cheer’s 🙂

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