Today i took receipt of some gift’s from Kingston Technology,

Who i thought were very generous to send.
Those gift’s came in the form of 4 USB Flash Drive’s from their Data traveler 3K Range of products.

Who are Kingston may you ask ?, Well Kingston are a company who have been around for a long time in the memory marketplace – Worldwide. Not only do they make Flash USB Drive’s, But the also make many other Flash based products too. Thing’s like desktop and Laptop RAM Modules, Flash cards, SSD’s.

One thing that i personally enjoy about kingston and the brand name alone, its the outstanding CS as well as the guarantee they offer on all the products. not to mention from experience, The ability to go one step further than the competition when it come’s to being prepared to install and use there products when it reaches the end user/customer.

The list is endless and i could go on all day, Well done Kingston.

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So what do we have…… Well Kingston were kind enough to pass on no less than 4 USB Flash drive’s for me to give away, yes that’s right GIVEAWAY !!

The 1 x Catapillar (Below)

1 x Elephant (Below)

2 x Guitars (Below)

in capacities ranging from 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB i am sure that Kingston offers a solution for anybodies needs when it come’s to finding the right flash storage for on the go people like myself and of course for you too. So why not check them out on their web page and see for yourself.

your probably screaming at the screen now and are wondering what you have to do to get in on this competition, well it’s simple & easy.

1) You have to be following both Myself & Kingston on Twitter & Facebook & YouTube.

2) You can increase your luck/chances by also being SUBSCRIBED to myself on my YouTube Channel (It’s not mandatory to do so, But will increase your chances if i see that you are subscribed,Making it fair to other long term sub’s that have followed me for some time)

3) Leaving a comment here on this post as well as the video on YouTube mentioning how appreciative you are that Kingston for providing the gifts.

Giveaway Rule’s :

1) The required field’s ( 1 & 3) above must be followed.

2) only one comment per entrant on here VizboxTV & YouTube
(Duplicate entries will not be counted and will get you disqualified from the giveaway)

3) my decisions on choice of gift ( in this case – Flash Drive) are final.

4) No money alternative to the prize(s) being given.

5) Any offensive content being left on this giveaway will grand you instant removal and disqualification as well as a permanent ban from any future giveaways.



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