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Mymemory.co.uk Offer For This Drive as of the (22/1/13) : http://www.mymemory.co.uk/USB-Flash-Drives/Lexar/Lexar-32GB-JumpDrive-S70-USB-Flash-Drive—Orange

Hi, This is a flash drive that i picked up while i was out on my travels, Having looked everywhere i could find for something like this, i did come across ASDA who were offering something similar by means of a pendrive from Sandisk.

But being that they were limited in capacity and so on, I decided that if i were going to get another pen-drive  That i would get one with a substantial capacity than the norm. I did not wand something outrageous like a 64GB or 128GB as i have an external HDD (500GB Capacity), But more for just sticking in my pocket and carrying around with me all the time for those just in case cenarios.

This is where the Lexar Jump drive come’s in to it’s own right. Being 32GB in capacity, Small form factor, Economical.Fast USB 2.0 (Ok not as fast as 3.0 that most ppl use these days) But hey for £10 I’m not moaning.



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