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Hi, did it again, They came to my rescue, Loved to help out….

I approached them asking if they could help me with finding a case something thatwould not only look great, be functional, but also would help me protect my investment.

Well look no further…..


The Otterbox Defender to the rescue…… Being that i have always loved having Otterbox Products (from reviewing the Otterbox Commuter in that past, Not just for the SGS3

(i9300) but for the iPhone 4 & 4s that i had owned.


Priced at just £39.99 you could argue like so many people do in that this case is quite expensive for what it is ?.

Well if your narrow minded in to thinking that way then yes BUT and a big BUT at that. You could forgive the price when considering why this case is up there in the leagues of

being the best that you can get when it comes to protecting your mobile device. Otterbox do not just make cases for Samsung or Apple, They are available for other brands to

like Nokia, RIM (Blackberry), Sony, etc.


To which mobilefun also carry in their massive selection,

Check them out here : Http://


Anyway let’s get on to reviewing this Defender….It does what it say’s on the tin (or should i say package). I personally was looking for a case that i could use on a daily

basis, A case that i knew would come with a big added EXTRA, No MESSING about trying to install a screen protector, Just something i could slap on at a moment’s notice and be

off out for the day and not have to worry about weather my phone would come back at the end and scream help I’m broken.


So many people nowadays just carry their phones around with little or no protection at all. I cringe every time i see it. Knowing that at any time they could be crying out “Oh

my precious phone!, I dropped it on concrete and now it does not work ?” Well as harsh as it may be, you could have saved yourself the hassle. Granted most sensible people

will have insurance, But even then there’s no guarantee that they will pay up to get it fixed Or calling back to say that your phone is water damaged, Sorry nothing we can do.

You then end up with a bill for a brand new phone (Which is going to be expensive).

So do i hear you moaning about paying just £39.99 on a case that could have prevented all this heartache?


For me the 4 Layer protection has me jumping for joy, Why you may ask? Well let me try to explain the best i can. When you get the Defender in your hands, Your first

impression will be “oh my”, That’s bigger than what i thought it would be?, Until you see what you get for your ££££. Yes i would say 4 layers of protection for anyone is more

than enough, yes i said 4.

The first being is when you prize apart the inner shell part, This liner Below)- (inside the back part of the shell) is there to not only protect but to

also make sure that nothing scratches you phone on the back when inserted (So that’s layer 1),

The second layer is the poly-carbonate shell (Below), yes the one you are left with after

removing the outer TPU Material (Below)

(Which can be classed as the third layer),

The last and final 4th layer of protection is the in built screen protector…

yes that’s right, No
more messing about with those pesky and annoying wafer thin pieces of plastic that always tend to have a mind of their own, Never look right and always leave bubbles or dust

As for the added inclusion of the Belt Clip/Holster/Media Stand (Below)

, Well what more could i say….How many companies out there include something like this with their case?

have the added convenience of having something to carry your phone and case while out & about, not to mention that with just a quick flick of the belt clip (Located on the
rear of the holster)

you can turn your mobile phone in a fully functioning media device and not have to hold it in your hand’s, Being that you can utilise it by resting it
down on your table top or bedside cabinet while you rest, You could also use the stand to help with the feature that not many people know of, this is the connection of a
keyboard & mouse with the aid of the OTG Cable,

(Also available from as an extra add on – Check the website for prices)

In turn allowing you to use your phone like a mini computer while on the go, Just amazing, to think of the possibilities.

So now that we have that out of the way, What does this mean to the average joe (Consumer), Well you can go about your daily tasks, Aimed at the more adventurous person

or you
just want the ultimate Defending case for your piece of mind. You’re sure not to go far wrong with this choice. There is another contender out there (Not mentioning no names)
who has a case very similar to this Defender from Otterbox, But i feel that the holster it comes with has a BIG FLAW in its design. I found this FLAW in a way that would put
me off straight away and deter me from purchasing that case again for any of my mobile phones.


Otterbox is a very reliable company with a fantastic Customer Service. For example, Having had the defender before with my iPhone 3gs, Otterbox re-designed the belt clip
and informed me of this. Then surprisingly sent me an email asking for my shipping address, Telling me that they wanted to send me a revised version of this mentioned belt
clip holster asap. A few days had passed when along came a knock at my door from a FedEx guy. Upon opening this package, I quickly discovered that the new holster had arrived
quick pronto and by FedEx too. Now that’s service with a smile.

So there we have it, My full on review of this fantastic case/holster combo from & Otterbox, What are my final thoughts. Well let me tell you, On my first
impressions of opening this package and feeling the case in the hand for the first time.. i smiled knowing that i have a beast of a case now for my mobile phone. I noticed
that straight away this case had all the qualities i expected to find. would i have bought this case if it had not been provided for review,


Throughout the time of
me owning smartphones over the years, i have always had an Otterbox, Not because i like them, but because i know from experience they are quality cases. The value for some
might be off putting, Thinking that the case is bulky and heavier than lets say a feather snap on case. but you are getting this case for a purpose, That purpose is to protect
100%. Would i run over this case ?, Would i throw this case ?, well i would have to say no, Not if i can help it, but in saying that if it were to drop out of my pocket and
happen to fall/land under such a thing, Then i would not be as socked to find my phone fullu operational/working.
It’s a case your either going to love or hate, as it happens i love my Defender. It’s like having a friend you can trust, Always there looking out for you.

What more can i say at this point, well nothing much apart from the fact that this case is not going to suit many people, but if your like me and want the ultimate protection for the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300), Then you can’t go wrong with getting this excellent product, Well done Otterbox.

I think i have catered for everyone in this review, if you have any questions on this Case/Holster, Then please get in
touch and i will try to help as much as i can,

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Why not watch the video review on YouTube (Click the provided Link/Video Pane).




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