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Hi, welcome to my written review/thoughts on this amazing kit from for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300).
Let me start off with explaining what you get in this fantastic kit.
Firstly, You are presented with an attractive package, which i know most people will just not give a second thought to. But if you pause for a second and have a think, You will find that even though the box look’s quite spectacular when presented to you upon first glance, i have to point out that it would be one of the attractions that would bring my attention. As it shows to me that the manufacturer has gone to a lot of effort to present this product to me.
So what do you get, well let me tell you, I was quite suprised to be honest at the fact that you get 2 item’s within this package.
one being the extended battery itself
The other being the extended battery back cover plate
Yes that’s right, everything you need to get yourself up and running while on the go.
My first impressions of actually getting these two products out of the box were one’s of amazement tbh. For one i was not expecting to get the back plate. Thinking that this would have to be a separate purchase. Yes i know this is a kit and by this would assume that it come’s with more, but this can also be interpreted as a single unit with some brand’s, kind of misleading you in to thinking that you get everything that you thought you were buying.
However this is not the case with this product.
I did however think on ahead to myself that “oh right”, This is rather big (Meaning the battery of course) considering that the original battery is considerably thinner than this new 3000mAh equivalent.
Being that the original battery that come’s as standard here in the uk. This standard battery come’s in at just 2100mAh capacity.
Whic for everyday use is just fine, But what if your going to need more ?, Well this is where this kit come’s in to it’s own of course. I recently found myself having to leave my home town and travel for 6 hours to go and visit a friend down in London, Being that it was just for a day or maybe two. I quickly got concerned as to thinking that “hey what battery’s ?), yes in this day and age battery’s are a must for us tech enthusiasts. it’s what keep’s us going at the end of the day.
So i started to wonder what should i take with me ?, One option would be to carry my external battery back up, being that it is a 7000mah Capacty. But then no, i thought nope, This would be an inconvenience at best.
So i thought of option 2. Maybe a backup battery that can be inserted, with no extra cable’s to carry. Just a simple matter of poppig off the back cover and inserting a freshly charged battery. Well being that i only had the standard one that come’s with, I then found myself in a dilemma, oh what do i take ?
I suppose that so many ppl like myself find themselves in the same kind of situation all the time.
So i set about finding a soloution, This is where came to the rescue, I found out that not only do they stock this extended battery kit, but they also supply many other produts too. Oh and did i mention they deliver free within the UK ?… ?…..Well there you go, I just did,lol.
Anyway, Let’s get on with what come’s with for the nice price of just £39.99 (bearing in mind that you could pay that just for a genuine battery).
Here are the two battery’s so you can see for yourself the thickness of them side by side.
I would say that at first glace the two battery’s are considerably different in just one dimension  Which is the thickness. I mean at the end of the day, I would expect some sort of difference between the two…or what would be the overall point of this kit ?.
Being that this is an extended battery of just 3000mAh, i expected it to be a little thinner than what it actually is. in saying that the overall design aspect gave samsung no choice but to make it thicker as they have to kepp dimentions to a minimum, so that it still fit’s in the slot on the back of the phone.
In saying that with the thckness in mind, I also expected more than just a 900mAh bump in spec’s for the price. maybe i was expecting to much ?
So on to the replacement back cover….
As you can see or notice (For a better term, The back plate as i call it).
This is still made from the so called “Flimsy Plastic” That the original is made from.
i for one do not mind this plastic, as with the original one, This backplate feels just as sturdy as that, Once fitted to the phone itself.
So for me this is not an issue. For those of you that do not like the flimsy plastic of the original, Then you may not be happy with this one. but in saying that, There are some reinforcements added to the inside to wow those worries.
In fact over general use through out the time that i have used it over the past couple of week’s. I did notice that the back cover got easier to remove, but not to the point hat the cover just fell of on it’s own accord.
Anyway, What did this new battery kit offer me as an average user on a daily basis. Well i have gone from light to medium usage on my galaxy S3 (i9300) and only just lasting a full day (Being that a full day to me is at least 12 hours). So being that i use twitter,Youtube,Take pic’s,Video’s,etc,etc. Watching what i use to make sure i last the full day. This is also without be using battery saving or turning the wifi or gprs off. checking my emails,making phone calls,sending sms messages.
 To lasting as a medium user all day lasting a full day (Again 12 hours being a normal scenario for me) and not worrying about anything. so sms,emailing,watching the odd youtube video,taking some pic’s, shooting some video. All without having to worry about my battery consumption throughout the day. then on top of that i was till finding that my battery still had a good 30% left the next day.
So for me i have noticed a vast improvement in the time’s that i can spend doing verious task’s throught he day that would have otherwise given me cause for concern. Now i don’t have to worry as much, i can get on with what i need to do and allocate longer times for certain task’s.
All i nall, Can i recomend getting this kit ?,
Well i would have to say yes. For ppl like myself who just need that little bit extra power every day  Then it’s always going to be a great idea to get yourself a backup/replacement battery like this. Ok so it’s not a big increase in the way of mAh’s. but don’t let the 900 mAh extra capacity deceive you.
This is a great alternative to the normal battery that come’s as standard with the phone.
yes it doe’s stick out considerably compared to the original 2100mAh battery.
But as always Samsung has you covered.
Easy to install and remove at will when ever the need arises.
You can also notice a difference with the cutout’s for the LED Flash, Sound Speaker and of course Camera Lens Cutout’s. But nothing to worry over per say, As they do not interfere with any shooting of picture’s nor video’s in anyway with the dreaded flashback of some phone’s out there.
Anyway, as a final conclusion to this review. i could see myself getting another one of these kit’s. Not just for the extra battery. but for the extra cover too. The only negative this that i could find with a product like this would have to be that i do not know if replacement back covers can be purchased separately from the kit. so if one battery is enough. then i could purchase another without stacking up extra batteries that will probably not get used. The other would be that if like me you tend to use mobile phone case’s ?, Then you loose this option altogether. Unless of course you use phone pouches, Like i had to use while the kit was present on my phone for the day. I suppose that last downside is not so much a downside, but mere preference of taste.
(So this has been my view and opinion on this product, It has not been influenced by anyone or anything. These opinions are of my own doing and do not represent any other person or company in any way.)
Thank You Very Much indeed for the opportunity from for me to sample and review this product for my samsung galaxy s3 (i9300). It’s been a pleasure in doing so.



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