Panasonic – HX-DC1 – Pocket Camcorder/Camera – Unboxing

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This is just a quick ish unboxing of a camera/camcorder that i picked up on saturday from my local cash converters. seeing this device for such a great price, i had to pick it up for when i want to carry something small around with me instead of capturing everything on my sgs3 ūüôā

I was in the market for shopping around to get me a new camera or camcorder. So yo and behold i came across this nifty looking product from Panasonic. Being that i have owned a few camcorders in my time from this brand, i felt that i could rely on something like this for my upcomming vlog’s that i have been wanting to shoot.

Saying that, i already have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Soon to be outdated by the soon to be released Galaxy S4), I tend to use my phone a lot for what it is intended for, Which is of course Phone calls & SMS. So draining my battery during the day when i could save¬†valuable¬†time and effort in just using a camcorder ?, Well i thought about this & I could just shoot video with my Canon Camcorder, But i don’t know that i can be bothered TBH with carrying that around with it’s¬†extended¬†battery ?. Granted i would (And of course you would to) benefit from the Full HD video capture that it give’s out. But it’s just to big to carry around all the time in the pocket (Being that it is larger than a pocket camera), So this leaves me wondering is there something i could get that would help me solve this problem……

Well here it is, The Panasonic HX-DC1 Pocket Camera/Camcorder, Yes you are reading me correctly, This is a dual purpose device that meet’s my every need for on the go recording.

It’s lightweight, Durable, Convenient, Takes 14 Mega-Pixel photo’s (4:3 Ratio) or 10 Mega-Pixel photo’s (16:9 Ratio), Shoot’s Full HD Video (Even up to 1080p @ 60 FPS), Take’s an Full Sized SD Card, Has a replaceable Lion Battery (be it a little small on the 700mAh Scale), Large viewable screen size, Fit’s great in the pocket & Charge’s with a standard Mico USB Connection (so i can charge this on the go while in my car or i can charge it with my portable battery back up battery).

So why did i choose this over something else say from the likes of Kodak or Flip, Well tbh both example’s have sadly left the market when i come’s to anything for vlog’s, Dedicated Camera’s have now moved ahead that far in the spec’s department, That there is sadly no need for these pocket camcorders anymore. So choice has been removed from the store’s here in the UK. So that leaves me with very little in the way of choosing what i need.

The price is also another considering factor, Like i mentioned, i already have a Full HD Camcorder & a mobile phone that is more than enough for doing what i want to do. But in saying that, I just wanted to get myself a new toy (being that i love Tech and all that good stuff), this being said, the second hand/recycle market is hardly touched. Many ppl out there have this idea of getting the latest and¬†greatest¬†in Technology as and when it first come’s out. I know plenty of people who would jump at the chance to own a Full HD camcorder, Even now i encounter so many people who rely on their camera phones (Which in itself is not a bad thing, As you can get to the action there and then as it happens) which is what matters to most, But when you¬†realize¬†that Smartphone’s do not have the sensor’s that dedicated devices have like camcorders & Camera’s. That is when you shall¬†realize¬†that camera’s or camcorders are not extinct just yet.

So what do we have in the box ?, Well everything you would expect to find as if you had purchased it from a retail outlet.Which are:

UK 3 Pin Mains Charger With Dedicated USB Port (5Volt Output)


Mico USB Lead (Which Doubles up as the Charge lead & USB Synce Cable)

700mAh Rechargeable Battery

The Camera/Camcorder

Hand/Wrist Strap

Lens Cap

Micro USB To AV Composite Lead

Lens Cap

(Sadly the main memory of this device is SD Card dependant, So this means you have to provide your own Full size SD Card for it to store the footage taken).

Instructions & Software CD

So as you can see from the included photo’s you get everything (Minus the SD Card) of course in the¬†box¬†to get you up and running. This camcorder/camera is also available in waterproofing models to. be it that this model is not one of those waterproofed, it goe’s without saying, Not a device that i would recommend taking out while surfing or swimming.

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