SGP / SPIGEN – Ultra Optics Installation & Review – For The Samsung Galaxy ” Note 2 “

Purchased From The SGP UK eBay Store :

Ultra Optics : Anti-Fingerprint with Clarity

This is how the kit is delivered.

This is what i found inside, Being careful not to bend the SS’s upon removal.

You get the following :

A Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth. Which in itself is good enough to get the job of cleaning your screen, But only just mind you.

You also get :

This product leaflet, Which advertises most of the other products that SGP/Spigen Sell.

You are also going to get:

Some Dust Removal Stickers, Which in themselves are used for the removal of the specks of dust that can & probably will find themselves trapped under the screen after install.

You also have this:

Squeegee Install card to help you in the process of installing the screen protectors. Most people like myself just end up using the back of a debit card.

Last but not least:

The Screen Protectors !!

These protectors are by far the best that you can lay your hands on as far as i am aware, As a rule, When ever i buy a new mobile phone, I try my best to get me some SGP Goodness. Showing that i want to look after my device by spending some cash on some quality Screen Protectors.

Throughout my time as a reviewer, I have tried the full range of protectors from SGP/Spigen. The range starts with the Ultra Crystal,The Ultra Anti-Fingerprint,The Ultra Oleophobic,Then the Ultra Optics. The Crystal being the cheaper of the bunch is very good, Having tried this SS in the past as a change to the norm. I found that they offer far superior durability than a cheap 10 pack of ebay. The Anti Fingerprint however are for those people who just don’t want to be bothered cleaning their phone’s screen,But still want to see the phones screen in bright sunlight without the glare from the suns reflection (A Common problem with smartphones).

The Oleophobic SS is for those who like the Crystal & Keep there screen clean because lets face it, Fingerprints are annoying at the best of time.

Then theres the OPTICS, Available for most mobile phones these days. They are for me the best there is when it comes to protection of your mobile phone of choice. Not only are they very highly resistant to scratching,Fingerprints,Glare, Cleanliness. But for me, The appeal for all of theses screen protectors is how easy they are to install. I have tried so many protectors in the 4.5 years that i have been reviewing.

I will say that most protectors come very close, But you will find that they scratch to easy or they do not fit or they peal within a week or they leave residue when peeled off.

This is the main reason that when someone ask’s me to recommend a protector, I then reply straight away with “SGP/SPigen” They look at the price and instantly reply “But they are expensive, just for 2 protectors in a pack”

But i quickly recover with “Yes but at the end of the day,This company has your back !!,How many companies offer you a lifetime Guarantee on a Screen Protector ?).

Here is a little story of a situation that came up between myself & along term friend of mine:

This friend was expecting to get himself & his wife a Samsung Galaxy S3 (White For Him + Red For His Wife), He began to ask me for recommendation as to what to get for both phones as to case & screen protectors. I replied that i to have this phone (At the time) and that SGP seem to have the best case out by the name of the “Modello” & “The Ultra Clear Curved” specifically designed for that phone, Being that the screen has a curved edge like this galaxy Note 2 that i currently have. So to cut a long story short, He ordered the product off eBay & sure enough the case & SS’s were with him the next day. Upon getting this new phone he quickly responded by installing the SS’s & putting on his new case.

The response i received straight after trying these new products was one of enthusiasm and enjoyment. He said to me “WoW dude, I see what you mean by quality. from now on i shall be getting more SGP/Spigen Stuff”

So that says it all….. recommending product like this for me is not worth the paper its written on without the experience of trying it out for yourself.

So on that note, take it from me, These products from SGP/Spigen are for me the best that money can buy…………

So please come back soon, Thank’s for being interested in my content,Enjoy the video,

Thank’s for watching,

Cheer’s 🙂

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