The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack

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Ultimate Accessory Pack : iPhone 5 :

The Ultimate Pack  for the iPhone 5 is a pack consisting of 6 must have accessories designed specifically for the iPhone 5

The pack comes complete with 6 must have items for the Apple iPhone 5 including:

Apple iPhone 5 Desk Stand & Apple iPhone 5 Car Holder (Above).

As for the in-car holder,well tbh i was very surprised as to the fact that this holder did exactly what i expected from a car hold of this type. Easy install,Quick deployment,Gripped exceedingly efficiently too. I had no worries with it maybe falling off at any point while i was testing it. as for the Desk Stand, Well i do honestly think that this is quite handy in the home or at the office as a bit of a gimmick. Yes i had no problems with using it nor did i have any problems showing it off when ever i felt the need. but other than that, i did find it a pain in the rear end when i was getting phone call after phone call.

The included In Car Phone Holder (Below) doe’s not feel cheap. I have personally seen this car mount being sold in Tesco on it’s own for nothing less than £10.00 (See Picture Below), Which in itself is a complete rip of when you look at what you get in this complete kit from

Moving on to the other goodies that are included. Lets start with the rather attractive looking TPU Skin that in this case, Fit’s the iPhone 5. This kit is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S3/i9300.

FlexiShield Skin for Apple iPhone 5 (Above) Being that this case has a glossy finish on the back,Then having a matt finish around the side’s,It kind of left me wondering why this style ?. Well i can tell you that it sure doe’s come in handy for the suction mount desk stand (Below).

Also included is a USB Car Charger Adaptor (Above).

Most in car chargers these days here in the UK just come with just one USB port connector, But oh no, Not this one, excels in giving the end user more and more. So not only can you charge your phone, But you can also charge your other gadgets too while on the go.

5 x MFX Screen Protector (Above) here again that we see that have gone that one step further. Expecting to get one screen protector…….well surprise !, Yet again,Don’t be worried in this department, as Mobilefun have got your back, As they already anticipate that it’s not as easy as you may think to go ahead and install a protector. so you actually get 5….yes that’s right i said 5….wow !

Pocket/Desk Stand (Above)

Note this is not some weird door handle that snapped off or something, It is actually a suction mount desk thingy me jig (It’s actually the Suction Mounted Desk Stand). Not sure what to actually call this….but what i can say is that you can be rest assured it will be the topic of any conversation when you pull it out and explaining how useful it is at holding your phone in either landscape or portrait, showing off that latest video you have.

(ONLY £19.95 @

Being that the iPhone 5 has just recently arrived on out doorstep, Not to mention all of these other smartphone’s like the Galaxy S3 from Samsung,Nokia Lumia,etc,etc. You can always find a case,you can always find an in car holder. But what makes this kit all so attrative for the average joe, is the ammount of accessories that are included in just one bundle. You have everything you need to safely transport & look after your mobile device. In this case the iPhone 5.

Is it worth paying £19.99 ?, Well i would have to say wholeheartedly YES for sure, Considering what is included as well as the bargain price,You can’t go far wrong with getting this kit for Christmas.

Get it while the going’s good.



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