Throw Away Case & Protector For The HTC One X

Throw Away Case & Protector For The HTC One X

Just a little something that i picked up for my current mobile phone.
Just to make sure things are protected whhile in transit. There is nothing special about this case apart from the fact that it was cheep, I know, I know but considering there are no real good case’s on the market (wel non that i want anyway), I do hope that this doe’s change in the very near future.

as i hate carrying my phone around naked as it’s called. protectiong my investment is a must because i have seen so many people damage there phones when not protected, It make’s me cringe each time i see it….Thinking to myself “That could have been avoided if you had a case on it !!” and/or “I dropped my phone & now the screen has stopped working ?” with that puzzling look on their face when trying to explain thing’s to the poor guy/girl behing the counter who then tells them that they have to send it off for weeks for repair.

So please come back soon, Thank’s for being interested in my content,Enjoy the video,Thank’s for watching,Cheer’s 🙂

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